Faq - Center Line Wheels


What makes Center Line wheels unique?

Center Line wheels proudly present a two-piece forged construction. These wheels showcase lightweight, timeless designs that have been meticulously re-engineered to meet contemporary standards. Our wheels serve as a visual homage to the timeless legacy of classic automobiles. With over five decades of operational experience, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast.

Can Center Line wheels fit any muscle car model?

Center Line Wheels will fit many popular muscle cars with 5x4.5 and 5x4.75 bolt patterns.

What materials are Center Line wheels made from?

Center Line two-piece forged wheels are crafted with 6061 Aluminum Alloy and are T6 heat treated to uphold superior quality and longevity. View our Process Page to learn more: https://centerlinewheels.com/our-process/

How do I choose the right wheel size and fitment for my car?

You can choose the right wheel size and fitment for your car by checking back spacing. 

Where are Center Line wheels manufactured?

Center Line Wheels are manufactured globally to the highest quality standards.

What types of lug nuts do I need for Center Line wheels?

  • The Auto Drag 2.0 and Convo Pro 2.0 utilize 3/4 Inch Shank Lug Nuts.
  • The Rev and Telstar utilize Conical Lug Nuts.

For detailed specifications, check out our Wheel Collection Page: https://centerlinewheels.com/wheel-collection/

How should I clean and maintain my Center Line wheels?

To clean Center Line Wheels, use mild carwash soap and water. Avoid strong chemical wheel cleaners and abrasive brushes/pads. Always wait until wheel is cool before washing.

How can I order Center Line wheels?

For retail orders, use our Dealer Locator: https://centerlinewheels.com/dealer-locator/.

To become a dealer of Center Line Wheels, visit our Dealer Application Page https://centerlinewheels.com/dealer-application/

How do I know if a specific Center Line wheel model will fit my vehicle?

Please check your back spacing. 

How can I get technical support for fitting or troubleshooting issues?

For technical support for fitting or troubleshooting issues, please contact our customer service via our “Contact Us” page:  https://centerlinewheels.com/contact/ 

What is the best way to contact Center Line customer service?

Call us at 877.283.6347 or use our Contact Form: https://centerlinewheels.com/contact/ 

How long has Center Line been manufacturing wheels for classic muscle cars?

Center Line has been manufacturing wheels for classic muscle cars for over 50 years (Est. 1970) 

Do Center Line wheels come with a warranty? If so, what does it cover?

All warranty information can be found via our “Warranty” page: https://centerlinewheels.com/warranty/