Patent # 4,936,129

Center Line has designed a rotary forging press, the only one of its kind in the world, to compress a solid billet of aluminum with 4,000 tons of force, at 300 revolutions per minute. Not only does this process rearrange the aluminum molecules, but it also aligns them in a circular pattern thereby adding strength. As a result, the rotary forged wheel has a much tighter grain structure and is significantly lighter weight than a cast wheel which requires greater mass due to its inherent porosity.

Read on to follow Center Line's patented manufacturing process and watch this solid 6061 aluminum billet be transformed into this striking one-piece rotary forged wheel. The following process takes place entirely at our factory in Santa Fe Springs, California.

1. The aluminum billet is run through the oven and heated to
900 degrees.

2. The nearly red-hot billets are transferred from the oven into the rotary forging press.

3. Spinning at 300 revolutions per minute, the billet is compressed into the die with 4,000 tons of force. This process forges the aluminum molecules into a tight grain structure arranged in a circular pattern thereby allowing Center Line to build incredibly light-weight, strong wheels.

4. The beginnings of a wheel in its forged state just as it is about to be removed from the rotary forging press.

5. Next, the aluminum forging must be split-spun to form the rim thereby completing the structure of a one-piece rotary forged wheel.

6. After the wheel is formed to proper dimensions, it is machined into one of Center Line's many popular designs.
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